Do I need a medical care provider if I have a doula?

Doula’s and midwives, although commonly confused, are very different. A Doula cannot offer any sort of medical assistance. She is there for your emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual assistance as an advocate for you and your needs. I will not go to a birth if there is no medical care provider as that puts me in a very bad spot legally. So yes, you must have another care provider.

Is Glory Birth Affordable?

Yes. I charge $500 for a basic Doula Service that includes a prenatal meeting, a postpartum meeting, and I can also attend a few visits with you and your healthcare provider to make sure you are advocated for before the birth, that all your wishes have been met, the good questions have been asked, and we can tour the facility to become comfortable with our surroundings and resources.

As far as affordability,

I offer pay plan options and discounts for those in certain circumstances. Call for more information on this!

I also have a referral program that gives you $50 or 10% off of my birth services for every person you refer that becomes a client (10 pregnant friends means you get a free doula or $500!)

Can you do birth photography?

I can. I don’t charge anything extra because I am not a professional photographer. I have a nice camera, a Panasonic G7, so the photo quality will be nice. My first priority is as a doula, so I will not leave mom in an intense moment to grab a great shot. So If you want good crowning photo’s I would suggest having a real birth photographer there. I will only do light editing of the photos if anything. If you do want some professional photography, I have a few friends that work out discounts for my clients. Call for more info!

What If I am Allergic To Essential Oils?

We will talk about all of your preferences and allergies in our prenatal meeting! I totally tailor the entire experience for you.

What If I am past due?

I can only ‘guarantee’ being on call two weeks before and after due date, but chances are I am still waiting right along with you for your little one to come out! If it is over two weeks past your due date and for some reason I am unable to make it I will absolutely have a similar backup doula for you at no extra charge of course.

Can a Doula Be There During a C Section or Epidural?

I have no problem being there for either of those. Occasionally the medical staff will say only one person can be in the room with the mom, but that is something you could find out from your care provider before hiring a doula.

It can be very helpful to have someone with you in that time. If you have a birth plan you wish to be followed, (ex. delayed cord clamping, not wanting to wash the vernix, vaccination desires) those things will typically only be obeyed if a doula is there advocating the mom’s desires.

Does The Doula Care For The Baby?

This is a special chance for bonding with the baby I leave to the mother, father, and family. I will help the mom initiate breastfeeding if that is your desire.

During our postpartum visit I can help you care for the baby and give you tips on further care if wanted.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a doula?

It all depends.  I will give you an invoice after my services are complete, along with a letter that helps to convince insurance companies that a doula is worth it, and a money saver for them. Most doula’s don’t do this, because they don’t know how or they don’t think insurance will cover any expense. The insurance company will typically pay about half, but I can’t promise anything.

Do you do placenta encapsulation?

I don’t, but I know people that do a great job of it and are certified accordingly.

I will add this to my resume soon and offer discounts to all clients past and present!

Please do not hesitate to call me at 816.944.0777 for any questions you might have and that you do not see on our frequently asked questions page. I am not a pushy salesmen. I want what is best for you and your baby. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂