Meet The Doula

I am a doula and was a doula before it was a title for me. I grew up around the home birth and natural birth culture, it is in my blood to be an overcomer and to help others in their biggest or scariest moments.  I labor for women and children whether in birth or not and care deeply for each person the Lord entrusts to me. I am passionate about birth, but I am really passionate about EMPOWERED  birth. I will fight to give you the birth you need. I believe when you know better, you do better, and when you do better, you feel better. No woman should go through labor without an advocate, encourager, educator, and physical supporter. Let me come alongside you and empower you to finish strong!

-Gloria Hines:  Founder and Doula at Glory Birth, Wife to the Funniest Man on the Planet, Missionary to Haiti, Nepal, and the US

“A woman’s inner power being discovered through birth is one of the greatest things to behold. I want to help pull her out to fight this beautiful battle in the most comforting and supportive way. Each and every birth is different than the last, and I am always looking for how I can be the most valuable to you personally. I go above and beyond all requirements and teachings to bring you a completely soothing environment that makes all the difference in your birth.”